Saturday, August 11, 2018

What's New at Labyrinth: 8/11/18

 What's New at Labyrinth: 8/11/18
Hey there, everyone! This week's got a huge amount of new stuff, so let's skip the preamble and jump right in:

The Rise of Queensdale
Rise of Queensdale is a brand-new legacy-style worker placement game from Ravensburger. Over the course of the campaign, players draft dice and shape the new province of Queensdale into a place worthy of its royal namesake. For the builder in you, Queensdale is an excellent pick.

The Legend of the Cherry Tree
More formally, The Legend of the Cherry Tree that Blossoms Every Ten Years. In this beautiful game of set collection, the players race to collect the blossoms of the mystical tree before they hit the ground. The one that collects the most will have their wish granted by the tree--but beware. Greed is unbecoming of a wish-seeker, and if you push your luck too far the tree will deem you unworthy!

Nimble is a real-time game of quick eyes and quicker hands. Players race through the world of classical fairy tales, competing to empty their hand first. Each card consists of two colors-a frame and a center--and you can only play a card on top of an existing card whose center matches your frame. Simple in writing, chaotic in practice! Nimble is an excellent icebreaker or party game. 

Detective is a unique take on the cooperative mystery game genre. Consisting of 5 cases that must be solved in order, players do not play as a detective, they ARE a detective. You're expected to use every resource at your disposal, from metaknowledge to Google, to solve these cases. If you're an inquisitive soul looking for something new, Detective is the game for you. 

Competitive Kitchen 
Competitive Kitchen is a new party game tailored to fans of cooking shows like Iron Chef. Players take turn being judges, who reveal secret ingredients, while everyone else must somehow combine their absurd ingredients into an appetizing meal. May the best chef win!

Blood Rage
Blood Rage is one of the most highly rated games of the last decade. This strategy game places players in control of Viking clans during Ragnarok, and it's the last chance to earn glory and secure your place in Valhalla! Battle for dominance as the world burns, as only the truly glorious can live forever by Odin's side. 

Tiny Epic Galaxies
Back after months away is Tiny Epic Galaxies! Mighty, interstellar empires clash in this one teeny-tiny box. Roll your dice to decide your actions, and strategically order your turns to maximize your gains. But beware; if your opponents are willing to spend the resources, they can interrupt your turn! Only the mightiest tiny tyrant may rule the galaxy. 

Tumball is a dexterity game with an interesting setup. Players must carefully stack their white beads atop a larger cluster of beads, suspended by wires. Too much weight and the cluster will give way, so watch out and place carefully.

Pathfinder: Playtest
Paizo's Pathfinder RPG has dominated a huge chunk of the market for nearly a decade now. Now, the next step has arrived, the Pathfinder Playtest, the first book of playtest material for the still-in-development Second Edition. If you want to be part of shaping this franchise, pick up the playtest and make your thoughts known!

The Faithful: New Beginnings
The Faithful is an expansion for Guild Ball, a tactical miniatures game of fantasy medieval soccer! This pack contains 6 gorgeous metal miniatures and the associated rules and cards; all you need to field a full team of Guild Ball players!

Warsaw: City of Ruins First Edition (AKA: Capital) 
Warsaw: City of Ruins is an incredible game of history and tragedy. Players work as architects, each constructing a district of Warsaw throughout its history. War and disaster will come to raze your district, and you will rebuild--forming a patchwork of past and present. We should be getting the second edition with the updated title sometime soon, but in the meantime, check out this game--it's not to be missed.

Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying 
One of two new arrivals to our RPG shelf is the Legend of the Five Rings RPG Beginner Game. Rokugan has been the seat of countless campaigns since the RPG first came out in the 90s, and now that the card game has returned, it's never been a better time to adventure in the Emerald Empire. Try out the Beginner Game and see!

Delta Green
The second RPG we've gotten in this week, Delta Green takes your X-Files fantasy and takes it up to 11. Using the same d100 system of Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green takes the Lovecraftian world of dark cults and dead gods and moves it to the modern day, where the overworked, under-budget government agency Delta Green holds the line between sanity and madness at a steep cost. Step into the shadows where dark things dwell with Delta Green.

Trivial Pursuit: Harry Potter
If you're a die-hard Potterhead then this is the game for you. With a mind-boggling 1,800 questions, this will test the limits of even the most devoted fan's knowledge. The perfect trivia game for a geeky gathering!

Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small
Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small is a two-player edition of the much larger Agricola. This smaller, streamlined game focuses on the raising of animals, while maintaining the strategic gameplay of its bigger cousin. Purchase and raise livestock, expand your farm, and become the wealthiest farmer in your district through wise and careful management of your holdings.

Paper Tales
Paper Tales is a card-drafting game about heroics and the ravages of time. Played out over the course of two centuries in a fantasy world, players draft heroes and villains to represent them in the struggle. But age bows to no one, and your cards will age, and inevitably vanish, beneath the inexorable flow of time. An innovative new game that's worth a look.

Game of Thrones: Streets of King's Landing
Streets of King's Landing immerses the player in the growing corruption seeping throughout Westeros, expanding upon the ever-popular Shadow keyword. Lay traps, spin plots, and keep your head above water: after all, in the game of thrones, you win or you die.

Pokemon Celestial Storm Theme Decks
Finally, we've gotten a ton of Pokemon in. The new Celestial Storm Theme Decks, starring Sceptile and Swampert, have arrived, bringing a unique flair to the new set. In addition, we've gotten restocks of the Burning Shadows and Crimson Invasion theme decks as well as more Crimson Invasion booster packs. Come take a look!

Phew! That's a lot of announcements. Check back next week for more here at What's New at Labyrinth!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

What's New at Labyrinth: 8/5/2018

What's New at Labyrinth: 8/5/2018
The Used Game Sale has come to a close, but our annual Celebration of Gaming is ongoing! Through this weekend, everything in the store is on sale--including all these shiny new arrivals!

Champions of Midgard
Build your forces and do battle with mythical foes in Champions of Midguard, a game of worker placement and dice rolling. Each player serves as a Jarl of the Viking people, and you must carefully husband your resources to fight off the terrifying foes of mankind. Battle draugr, fool trolls, and slay dragons. The most prolific monster-slayer will be crowned king!

My Little Scythe
Scythe was one of the most popular games of 2016, blending worker placement, board customization, and map exploration with gorgeous art for a unique, complex strategy game. But with so many pieces and rules, it's difficult for younger gamers to get into. Enter: My Little Scythe, a game that began as a fan-project and a joke, but is now very real. If you're looking for a lighter version of the unique gameplay of Scythe, look no further. 

Darth Vader, Cruella DeVille, Captain Hook--everyone knows the coolest character in a story is always the villain. Now, in Villainous, you can play as some of the most iconic villains from recent times, including Malificent, Ursula, and yes, Captain Hook. Each villain must strive against fate to defeat their hero, while twisting each other's story with plot twists. Only one can rule in the end!

Pioneer Days
Saddle up, we're westward bound. Pioneer Days is an innovative dice-drafting system set along the Oregon Trail. Players recruit pioneers, purchase supplies, and manage their expedition, menaced all along by bandits, famine, and disease. Only the fastest wagons will arrive in time to claim the choicest land!

Dominant Species
After a long time away, the survival-of-the-fittest game of adaption and evolution, Dominant Species, is back! Players take control of one of six classes of animal, from reptiles and insects to birds and mammals, at the dawn of the last Ice Age. Maneuver carefully--in the harsh law of the wild, only the strongest survive.

Legend of the Five Rings: Elements Unbound 
Elements Unbound is the sixth and final Dynasty Pack in the Elements Cycle. The elements of Rokugan, so long a shield and a comfort to its people, now threaten to rage out of control. Mighty storms are brewing, and only with wisdom and courage will Rokugan withstand the flood. Many new cards are being added, with enough power to tip the balance in the realm. Seize your destiny with Elements Unbound.

Tzolk'In: The Mayan Calendar
For those of you who want to try a worker-placement game with a unique twist, Tzolk'in is the game for you. Workers are placed on the teeth of interconnected gears, which rotate to carry your workers to their tasks--or perhaps your opponent's workers away from theirs! A fascinating and innovative take on the genre. 

Carta Imperia Victoria
Carta Imperia Victoria is a deck-building game of civilization. Assemble sets and build your empire, but beware your opponent's machinations. Make alliances, betray them, and do whatever it takes to win. 

Catch! is a new cooperative strategic game for younger players. Players each control a cat, who are working together to try and corner a mischievous mouse who's stolen their treats. An excellent game for getting younger kids into strategy, as well as something older players can enjoy with them.

Acorn Soup
Acorn Soup is a game for our very youngest players. Players must help Sandy the Squirrel assemble the ingredients for her acorn recipes. With high-quality wooden pieces, the game is great for teaching little kids the basics of reading and counting. 

New Lego!
Finally, we also have a huge shipment of new Lego, including tons of Harry Potter Lego! It's been quite some time since they've been sold, so this is a big deal. Come by and check it out!

That's all for this week. Drop by this weekend if you can to capitalize on our once-a-year sale!

Friday, July 27, 2018

What's New at Labyrinth: 7/27/18

What's New at Labyrinth: 7/27/18
The Used Game Sale is upon us! While you're passing through for that, don't forget to look at some of our new stuff too:

Hannibal & Hamilcar

Hannibal & Hamilcar is the 20th-anniversary edition of the classic game, Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage. Set in the era of the Punic Wars, this is a two-player game where cards represent different events. Assume the role of Rome or Carthage and vie for dominance in the Mediterranean; muster armies, subvert enemies, and cross the Alps with elephants.


The old world has crumbled. Now, all that remains of civilization are small, fortified compounds in the wilderness, constantly struggling for survival in a land of scarce resources and vicious raiders. Each player controls a compound, and must fortify their holdings, supply their people, and fight off the savage pirates of the wastes. Players act simultaneously, constructing their bases on odd-numbered turns and preparing for the threats that arise on even turns. Card-driven, strategic, and flavorful, Remnants is a game for any fan of base-building or Mad Max.

Legend of the Five Rings: All and Nothing 

All and Nothing is the fifth Dynasty Pack in the Elements cycle, embodying the omnipresent element of the Void. From this void was born all of creation; to it all shall return. Knowing this balance, the wise sages of Rokugan must walk a narrow path to respect and control the void lest it consume them. With new, mighty cards for the Great Clans to wield, you too must walk this line.

House of Danger
For those of you who enjoyed Choose Your Own Adventure books, or have a taste for madcap, cooperative gameplay, House of Danger is a hilarious new game that can be played solo or with a team. Inhabiting the shoes of a psychic detective in a terrifying and treacherous mansion, players must make their way through the 6 chapters of the story (each designed as a separate game session) to reach the final act. With plenty of branching paths and alternate endings, the game has good replay value, too! 

Near and Far: Amber Mines
The first expansion for Near and Far, Amber Mines adds 4 individual modules that can be included to customize your game to your tastes. The eponymous Amber Mines are both an upgrade to the Mine space and a deck of locations to be explored. It also adds the Mystic's Hut, a source of powerful Spells, as well as a new General Store and 13 brand-new threat cards. A dramatic addition for any fan of Near and Far.

Sailing Toward Osiris: Governors & Envoys
Another exciting expansion, Governors & Envoys expands upon the recent release Sailing Toward Osiris with 4 modules that can be added individually or as a group. Governor cards grant players unique powers to customize their play; objective cards reward specific configurations of monuments with points; the Boon of Ra allows a player to temporarily change their Build action; and the Envoy cards allow for strategic reservations. If you want to upgrade one of the best new games of the year, look no farther!

New Bedford & Rising Tide

Back in stock after months away is New Bedford, the game of whaling and town management! Alongside it is the expansion Rising Tide, adding supplies for a 5th player, new buildings, and a "Ship's Log" system that brings tales from the high seas! Don't miss this modern classic!

Pokemon: Celestial Storm
The brand-new Celestial Storm block for Pokemon TCG is out! We've got new boosters, packs, boxes, new GX and EX card, and of course, tons of new events! Kid's Clubs, Deck Construction, Pokemon league, and the new Sealed League all start this upcoming month for Celestial Storm! For new players looking to get into the game, or old players wanting a shakeup, Sealed League is the perfect format, with low-investment and tons of fun. Details and signup here.

And that's what we've gotten this past week. Come by this weekend for the Used Game Sale! Saturday's the auction and Sunday is the rummage sale. The regular store is open too!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

What's New at Labyrinth: 7/20/2018

What's New at Labyrinth: 7/21/2018
The ramp-up to Used Game Sale continues, but that's not all we've got going on! Take a look at these new releases:

Rereleased after some time away, Akroti is a game of ancient archeologists. Set in classical Greece, the players sail the Agean in search of yet-more-ancient lost temples. Players lay tiles to construct the islands they search, matching features to maps you carry so as to uncover temples. All the while, you must also compete to develop the resource-poor islands to supply your expeditions! Strategy and puzzling skills will lead you to victory.

Legend of the Five Rings: The Ebb and Flow
The relentless force of Water is at your command with the new entry into the Elemental Cycle, The Ebb and Flow. Introducing new spells and shugenja for the existing Great Clans, it also fleshes out a newcomer into the upper realms of Rokugan: The mighty, maritime Mantis. Harness the power of sea and storm and ride to victory!

Arkham Horror: The Boundary Beyond
Time and space warp around you in The Boundary Beyond, the second pack in the Forgotten Age cycle. Trapped in Mexico, as the city around you flickers between the modern day and the ancient city of Tenochtitlan,  you must find your way out of limbo before you are lost forever in the mists of time. With shifting locations and strange acts, this is another excellent addition to Arkham Horror.

 Kashgar: Merchants of the Silk Road
Kashgar: Merchants of the Silk Road seeks its players take on the role of caravan leaders on the eponymous Silk Road. The roads are long and competition is fierce; you must carefully spend your energy and resources to come out ahead. Only the savviest of merchants can master the Silk Road and gain outrageous fortune!

 Restocked after a long time away, Ingenious is an excellent strategy game for family play. The rules are basic--lay down your tiles and score points for continuing patterns--but allows for explosive plays and deep strategies. Great for getting new gamers into the hobby, or experienced players looking for something deceptively simple.

Jeopardy: The Card Game
If you've ever wanted to play Jeopardy at home, look no further! With over 1000 clues for players, ranging from novice to expert, Jeopardy: The Card Game is the perfect gift for the trivia fiend on the go. 

Looking for a Scrabble-style spelling game on the go? Candygrams is your game. Players construct base words out of their colorful letter tiles, then a colored die will dictate where your crosswords expand! A fun word game for any crowd.

Spanish Fluxx
The classic card game Fluxx has come to Labyrinth in Spanish! For those of you looking to teach someone a new language, or just wanting some non-English games to play, Fluxx is an excellent choice. 

Adding an extra dimension to our Magna-Tiles collection are the new Magna-Qubix! These magnetic polyhedrals will enhance any building set, snapping together to form any number of forms. A must add for any demanding builder. 

Kinetic Machines & Geared-Up Gagets
Rounding us out are these incredibly cool new engineering models! Kinetic Machines and Geared-Up-Gadgets are multipurpose building kits that let you build anything from a catapult to a helicopter. Powered by gears and rubber bands, these make an amazing gift for any budding engineer--or even grown-ups!

Alright folks, that's all for now. See you next week!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

What's New at Labyrinth: 7/13/2018

What's New at Labyrinth: 7/14/2018
Hi everyone! Another busy week is drawing to a close. Cap it off with a visit to Labyrinth and see all the new stuff!

Round House
 A "round house" is a traditional structure from southeastern China: a massive, circular building designed to hold an entire extended family clan. Coming from Taiwanese designer Eros Lin, Round House places you in the shoes of a family head, leading a clan from within one of these redoubts. Move your family members around the Round House, maximizing your agricultural yield while preserving your security. An intricate strategy game with a historic flair.

Magic The Gathering: 2019 Core Set
The newest set for Magic: The Gathering is out! This core set brings in a new block of cards to the table, as well as five brand-new Planeswalker decks! Core sets are simpler mechanically than themed sets, and are intended to be an excellent starting point for new players. Come by and take a look!

Sorcerer & Stones 
In Taoist philosophy, a Xian is the peak of human enlightenment, a person who has refined their mind and body and obtained immortality. In Sorcerer & Stones, players become supplicants, racing to achieve this lofty status through enlightenment and possessing the spiritual stones necessary to refine your ki. Players must carefully manage their hands and board to obtain immortality.

Mystery of the Temples 
In the world of Mystery of the Temples, the Magic Academies tasked with researching new forms of magic have turned to the sealed temples of old in search of new finds. The temples, however, are protected by curses mighty and dark. The players are Curse Breakers, accomplished mages who must travel across the world and carefully assemble collections of sacred gems. Order your gems correctly to defuse a curse and claim the wealth that lies behind them!

 Legend of the Five Rings: The Fires Within 
The third Dynasty pack in the Elements Cycle, the Dynasty pack The Fires Within focuses on the most dynamic of the five elements, as well as adding new powers for the Mantis, Crane and Unicorn. Strange allies rise up, and mighty powers stir in Rokugan. Will you channel the fires of the earth, or be burned to a cinder?

Illimat: The Crane Wife 
The expansion to the beautiful, melancholic card game Illimat, The Crane Wife adds a new dimension to the trick-taking game. With new cards, tokens and Luminaries, this is definitely worth grabbing for any fans of the original game. 

Mystic Vale: Twilight Garden
The ground-breaking, card-crafting-deck building Mystic Vale is back again with yet another stupendous expansion! Twilight Garden adds the brand new Leader cards--with powerful abilities that can be improved over the course of play--and the Curse cards, which offer great power at a price. Take up the fight against the wither with this wonderful addition!

Smallworld: Underground
Back in stock after some time away is the stand-alone expansion for Smallworld: Smallworld Underground. If you think things are cramped on the surface, wait till you see the underworld. This standalone expansion adds a new board and several new races to the battle for territory. Definitely worth a play.

7th Sea Second Edition 
Also back in stock is the core rule book for 7th Sea! We just had our staff-led session of this swashbuckling RPG and it was a hit. Set in a Renaissance that never was, you must assume the mantle of heroes in an age where the world is changing. Will you tip the balance?