Saturday, February 18, 2017

New Arrivals 2/18/2017

by Alexander "Pop-up Dungeon" Smith

Dungeon Time is a quick cooperative game for 1-5 players. Players will work together to play mission cards and then add the equipment needed to fulfill that mission to the pile. You will have to work together to leverage special character powers, communicate what cards you have, and properly allocate resources...all in five minutes. Nobody said rushing through a dungeon was easy, but it sure is fun.

Troyes is a German-style worker placement game where players will take turns selecting dice from the segmented center of the board and using them to gain prestige, train workers for future turns, or defeat the enemies of the city. In addition to secret goal cards and stealing dice from opponents, this game has special action cards that slowly get revealed throughout the game, making each game unique. I didn't think that I would be interested in playing a game about a cathedral that took 400 years to build, but Troyes sure has changed that!

Assault of the Giants is a 3-6 player boardgame based on the Storm King's Thunder adventure for Dungeons & Dragons. Each player commands a race of giants with which they can attack villages, pursue their clan's special goal, and even challenge other giants. This game comes with 12 giant miniatures that look fantastic and are a perfect addition to the Storm King's Thunder adventure if you also enjoy the roleplaying game. 

The Complete Pub Quiz Pack has everything you need to run a trivia night from the comfort of your own home. With thousands of questions from a wide range of topics, this kit will provide many a night's of entertainment for you and your friends.

Star Realms: United is a collection of four booster pack expansions for the space-themed deckbuilding game. United Command and United Assault add new dual-faction ships that create new synergies between the different factions while United Heroes adds new heroes that cost more than their previously 1 and 2 costed counterparts, but also pack a greater punch. United Missions adds brand-new card type to the game; Missions. At the beginning of the game, each player is secretly dealt three missions that they can reveal for a bonus when they meet the conditions. When a player completes all three missions, they win as an alternate win condition. We're big fans of Star Realms here, so we're looking forward to all the new content in these packs.

Expedition: Endurance is the new expansion for T.I.M.E Stories that takes your team of time travelers to a 1914 whaling ship headed to Antarctica during World War I. What dangers lie in store for you and your team? Can you unravel the mystery? Find out in this, the fourth supplement to the T.I.M.E Stories game.

Dungeonology is a Dungeons & Dragons themed addition to the "Ology" series of pop-up books which include titles such as Spyology or Alienology. Learn more about the Forgotten Realms with beautiful artwork, informative descriptions and amazing tactile props such as a map that folds out as you turn the page or an origami inspired bag you can open to reveal hidden secrets. We've found that this is especially great for our younger players who are unrelenting in their quest to learn more about the lore and creatures of Dungeons & Dragons.

The Lycanroc GX Box is one of the few ways fans of the Pokémon Trading Card Game can get their hands on the powerful GX Pokémon. These Pokémon have special GX attacks that can only be used once per game, drastically changing the course of the battle. Also included in the set are the new Sun and Moon booster packs, making this a great way to collect new cards.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

New Arrivals 2/4/2017

by Alexander "Subway Spy" Smith

Spyfall 2 is the sequel to the incredibly popular bluffing and deduction game, Spyfall! Players will be given that either shows them who and where they are, or that they are one of the possible two spies. Players will then take turns asking each other questions to either find the spies among their ranks or try to figure out where they are...the trick it to be vague enough that spies can't catch on but not too vague or else others might mistake you as the spy. Of course, spies will try to play into this ambiguity and try to figure out where they are based on what others ask and respond. With enough cards for 12 people and new locations such as the Candy Factory, U.N., Subway, and Cat Show, this version is great, even if you already own the original game.

Adrenaline is a boardgame for 3-5 players that feels like a frantic first-person shooter videogame. Players will go from room to room looking for ammo and power-ups, taking shots at one another. The more damage you take, the faster you become and the harder it'll be for your opponents to take you down. Adrenaline is certainly different from other games you might have played, but maybe a bit more familiar if you're a fan of videogames like Quake or Doom.

Clue Master is a fun new logic puzzle for kids. Learn how to use deductive reasoning as you place magnetic tokens on the board following certain rules. With Sudoku-esque rules similar to another one of our favorite logic puzzles, Chocolate Fix, this portable game offers progressively more difficult challenges with each page.

Fidgety is a high-quality fidget cube that has different attention channeling mechanisms on each side. Flip switches, press buttons, turn gears, or spin dials with this cube in your hand. If you find yourself squirming and needing something to do in long meetings or lectures, this is a great tool to give your hands something to do.

Compose Yourself is a music making activity that lets young composers build their own symphonies using premade bars of music that they can arrange themselves. Once the cards are set, enter them into the app to hear how your music sounds! Our owner's son is absolutely obsessed with making music now, and it's not half bad either.

Tesla vs. Edison Powering Up! is an expansion for Tesla vs. Edison: War of Currents that adds a 6th player, special event cards to respond to, the option to build bases, and a new solo-play mode. We also have promotional program cards for the game, so if you pick this game up from us, make sure to ask for the promo cards!

Arkham Horror: The Dunwich Legacy is the first large box expansion for the new Arkham Horror cooperative card game. With two new scenarios, six new Mythos packs and a bevy of new investigators to play as, you'll be in for an adventure that is sure to raise more questions than it answers.

The newest expansion for the Pokémon Trading Card Game is here! We now have Booster Packs, Starter Decks, Elite Trainer Kits and more for the new Sun and Moon set as well as the Arcanine BREAK Evolution Box, Primal Kyogre Collection, Zygarde Complete Forme Pin Collection, and Snorlax GX Collection. AS you can imagine, there is certainly a lot of new Pokémon stuff at Labyrinth!

Back in stock: Cheeky Monkey, Skull