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What's New at Labyrinth: 9/15/18

What's New at Labyrinth: 9/15/18
Hey there, folks! Hope everyone enjoyed WashingCon; I know we sure did. A lot of highly anticipated games came out this week, so take a gander!

Dinosaur Island
Dinosaur Island is an utterly shameless and highly entertaining theme park management game. Players collect and sequence ancient dinosaur DNA, resurrecting the ancient beasts for the most noble of pursuits; a Dinosaur Island! Carefully manage and customize your parks. Will you go for the fascinating and deadly carnivores, who draw huge crowds but demand constant vigilance against an escape? Or will you go for the safer, but less interesting herbivores? You can always just build a rollercoaster! The park is yours to shape and build in Dinosaur Island.

X-Wing: Second Edition
X-Wing: Second Edition has arrived in grand style! For players new and old, we've got new ships, new Core Sets, and for collectors of First Edition we have tons of conversion kits! Be you a rookie speeder jockey or a hardened X-Wing veteran, Second Edition is the game for you!

Brass: Lancashire
Brass is a game of economic strategy set in England during the Industrial Revolution. There's only room for one tycoon at the top of the food chain, so the players must jostle for power and wealth as the world revolutionizes around them. Build your factories, lay rail lines, take loans, and do whatever it takes to get an edge on the competition. As time passes, old infrastructure will become obsolete and new improvements are necessary, creating an intricate web of investments and capital.

The Mind 
The Mind is a hotly anticipated cooperative game. Players must work together to play cards in ascending numerical order. The twist? You are unable to communicate with each other in any way! You must play on instinct and trust. People have been clamoring for this one, so grab one while supplies last!

Railways of the World
Railways of the World is a modern classic. Billed as the "ideal medium-weight train game," Railways sends you back to the dawning Age of Steam. With a single steam engine and a dream of greatness players compete to build lines and routes between the many cities of the world. The sheer expansiveness of the game is one of its major selling points: The board is thirty-six by forty-five inches! For those in love with the romance of railways, Railways of the World can't be missed!

Botswana is back! After selling out in record time, we've finally managed to get more of this quick-playing push-your-luck game. Players each hold a hand of cards, representing animals; play a card, and you get to take one of that animal. But the cards also change the animal's final value! Play out your hand too early, and someone might tank the value of your holdings; wait too long and someone else might scoop your targets! Quick to learn and play, Botswana is fun for all audiences.

Suspicion is a game of stealth, theft, and misdirection. Players take the role of jewel thieves at an upscale party. The catch? Everyone there is a thief! The only way to make a profitable score is to out everyone else while making off with your winnings. Keep your identity hidden while you pocket your shiny loot, because your rivals are looking to expose you in turn!

Tags is a fast-paced real-time trivia game. Each player is given a category, or "tag", and 15 seconds to name something within that category. Play moves at a blistering pace and only the quick witted will prevail!

You Gotta Know: Washington Sports Trivia
For trivia fans looking for a more local flavor, You Gotta Know: Washington is the ultimate trivia challenge for D.C. sports fans!  Challenge yourself and your friends!  An excellent gift for local fans!

Dude & More Dude
 Dude and More Dude are games where you say dude. Each player must match their particular spelling of dude with another player, only ever saying dude. Who can truly claim to be the dudeliest?

New Lego!
We've got a ton of new Lego! Come take a look at our Lego Wall, there's always something new. Including this super cool Hogwarts Train Set! 

New D&D Minis!
Last, but certainly not least, is our brand new collection of Dungeons and Dragons miniatures! With new heroes, monsters, and scenery, bringing your adventures to life in three-dimensions has never been easier. 

And that's all for this week. Check in once again next week for more What's New at Labyrinth!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

What's New at Labyrinth: 9/6/18

What's New at Labyrinth: 9/6/18
A super busy week here at Labyrinth! With Washingcon being TOMORROW, let's take a tour of all the new stuff this week!

Nemo's War

Nemo's War is somewhat of a rarity: a deep, complex game focused on solo play. In it, the player (or players, as the game has rules variants to support up to 4 players) take on the role of Captain Nemo, the mysterious captain of the electric submarine, the Nautilus. Undertake a long and lonely war, with multiple scenarios to challenge!

Dungeons and Dragons: Waterdeep Dragon Heist

The newest official published adventure for 5th Edition D&D takes the players into the seedy underbelly of Faer√Ľn. Commissioned by legendary adventurer Volothorpe Geddarm (writer of Volo's Guide to Monsters) to perform a small tasks, players will soon find themselves pulled into a vast conspiracy spanning the ancient and famous city of Waterdeep. Step wrong and you'll land in a shallow grave, but play your cards right and you could win wealth beyond measure. 

The Floor is Lava!
The Floor is Lava is an active new dexterity game for the whole family. Players have to jump between brightly colored squares of cloth, scattered across the floor. Slip up or jump on the wrong color and you'll be out!

Tower of Madness
Kathleen thought that the well of Lovecraftian games had run dry. She was wrong. Tower of Madness takes the classic dexterity game of Kerplunk to new realms of insanity. Within the tower, suspended upon countless tentacles, rest the Marbles of Madness. Each player takes turns removing a tentacle, trying to dislodge as few of these marbles as possible. Each marble that falls has its own, sinister effect!

GoT LCG: Music of Dragons
Music of Dragons is the fourth chapter pack in the Dance of Shadows cycle. Continuing the cycle's them of intrigue, the Shadows keyword features prominently, allowing players to bluff, lay traps, and ensnare opponents in a web of lies. But that's not all: mythical creatures join the fray, with the dire wolf Shaggydog and the dragon Rhaegal entering battle. The shadows of Westeros are deep: enter at your own risk.

Fairy Tale Fluxx
The latest version of Fluxx harkens back to more idyllic times. Fairy Tail Fluxx takes the classic rule-shifting play of Fluxx and sets it amongst the tales of our youth, with bold knights, whimsical faeries, and heroic quests everywhere. A fun new take on a tried and true game.

Patchwork Express
Patchwork Express is a simplified version of Patchwork, aimed at providing shorter games and being accessible to younger players. Like in the original, players must spend time and buttons stitching patches onto their quilt. The player with the best patches and fewest holes in their quilt wins!

Lost Cities Rivals
Lost Cities Rivals is a new take on the original Lost Cities, playable with 2 to 4 players. With the classic ascending card play of the series, this is an excellent game for fans who want to play with more people, or players brand new to the game!

Clank! In! Space! Apocalypse!
Apocalypse! is the first expansion for Clank! In! Space! The cyborg lord Eradikus has hatched a mighty and evil plot to wipe the galaxy clean of all opposition. All that stands between the good people of the galaxy and annihilation is your ragtag team of mercenaries—like it or not! This expansion adds two new board modules, a new deck of Adventure cards, and a whole slew of schemes for you to foil!

Nyctophobia is a game about darkness—genuine, physical darkness. The game is mostly cooperative, with one player becoming a Hunter, and the rest working together to escape as the Hunted. The trick: The hunted players must all wear blackout glasses. Playing and coordinating without sight is a new aspect of gaming, and this exciting new experiment is worth a try.

Ultimate Werewolf Legacy
The classic game of Werewolf gets its own take on the legacy format! This time, the choices you make will impact future generations of this haunted village. Players can earn titles that effect their play in future games, regardless of what side they find themselves on. Wind your way through the 80+ page Diary, uncovering the gory tales of the village's misfortune. Act with careyour choices may come back to bite you!

Catch the Moon
Catch the Moon is a whimsical new dexterity and balance game set within a dream. The Dreamer must reach the Moon, but she is too high for a ladder. The solution: More ladders! Stack and balance countless ladders in bizzare, bird's-nest constructions, trying your best to reach the moon. Only greatest of dreamers will catch her!

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What's New at Labyrinth: 9/1/2017

What's New at Labyrinth: 9/1/2017
Hey all! Another busy week here with new arrivals, so let's dive right in!

Founders of Gloomhaven

Gloomhaven has taken its place among the most popular games of the decade. Founders of Gloomhaven returns you to that world for a new challenge. Centuries before the events of Gloomhaven, an uneasy coalition of races came together to construct a city at the edge of the world. In Founders, each player controls one of these races, competing for influence and prestige within the growing city. However, no one can build the city alone--cooperation is necessary to gain the supplies required to finish construction. Balance your schemes with the uneasy peace and leave your mark on Gloomhaven.


Targi is one of our new two-player only games. Each player heads a desert tribe attempting to master the trade routes. Place your meeples to claim trade goods or perform actions, then spend your profit to grow your family.  Only the canniest merchant can claim victory! 

Blokus Duo 

Blokus Duo is a two-player only reworking of the classic geometric strategy game Blokus. Black and White pieces vye for control of a smaller board in this portable variant of the family favorite. 
Spirits of the Wild 

The third new two-player game we've gotten is Spirits of the Wild. Spirits is a beautiful, elegant game, where players use cards representing the spirits of nature to move and claim colored stones. Each player has a scoreboard with distinct objectives, and certain combinations of the stones will earn you points. Careful movement and bold action will bring you victory.


Scarabya is a game of competitive puzzling. Each player is an explorer in one of the far-flung corners of the earth, seeking out valuable golden scarabs. Everyone has their own player board with scarabs scattered across it. Each player also has a stock of twelve geometric puzzle-pieces. Each round, players place the same shaped piece onto their boards, attempting to form enclosures around the scarabs. Since everyone has the same building blocks, victory will come down to raw skill. 

A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures

A Song of Ice and Fire has finally come to Labyrinth! This starter set contains the armies for  
 Stark and Lannister; totaling over one hundred miniatures for your epic struggles. Choose your commander wisely, rally your heroes, and equip your forces for battle. But don't forget to send your spies and maesters and gain every advantage as you plunge into epic tactical battles with your foes!  


The Great Science Fair is being held and only the best and brightest may come and display their inventions. Gizmos is a marble-based engine-building game. Take actions to aquire power marbles, and use those to improve your actions! Will you prove yourself the greatest inventor at the Fair? 

The Quiet Year

The Quiet Year is an award-winning collaborative story game where players map out the lives and surroundings of a post-apocalypse community. The dangers of the previous year have passed, or at least abated, and they have a year, one quiet year, to build. Each week is represented by a card, drawn from a regular deck of playing cards. As you play, players will hold community discussions, embark on projects, and add detail to the map you all draw together. This wonderful experience is as unique as the players at the table and well worth trying.


Mercado is a game of conspicuous consumption. The players are wealthy members of high society, wandering a market and bidding on valuable trinkets to enhance their prestige. Each turn, players blind-draw three coins from their purse. Each stall requires a specific combination of denominations to buy from, but beware that someone doesn't swoop in and buy your prize out from under you!

Vampire: The Masquerade, 5th Edition

The immortal classic of Gothic roleplay is back! Vampire: The Masquerade, a roleplay staple since the 80s, has returned updated for the modern day in a new edition. The streamlined ruleset serves as an excellent jumping-on point for new players looking for a game of horror and survival. The new  lore provides plenty of material for players returning to the World of Darkness to sink their fangs into. Bound together with beautiful art, this is worth a look for any fan of the genre. 

That's all for this week. The Holiday Stocking rush continues, however, so tune in next week for more What's New at Labyrinth!

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Guild of Heroes Report for 8/25

Guild of Heroes Adventures 8/25/18

The Guilds adventures continue across the isle of Niln! Here are some of the adventures they undertook this month...

Morning - Roots-upon-Granite with Dungeon Master Camilla

Word had come to the Guild that people were starting to evacuate the nearby town of Sparkwin’s Hill. A mysterious cloud of mist had been drifting towards town, and the residents were getting spooked! Six heroes set off from the Guild: Toki Blackburn, Nova, Sound of Fire, Charsmen Woodsmith, Azul Ragnarok, and Mystery. While Toki and Charsmen did recon at the market in Sparkwin’s Hill, the other adventurers investigated the mist by many means. They climbed trees, dipped their toes, and even volunteered one of their horses to see what lay within.

The six heroes regrouped to head inside, not forgetting a safety rope in case they encountered the worst. Inside was a strange scene, with dancing trees and shrubs entertaining an ancient dryad, Neivana of the North Wind. He explained that he had returned to find his friend, a tree named Roots-upon-Granite. The skyscraping tamarack tree was said to be found where the bustling market had been earlier that day.

The party’s research led them to the tomb of a wizard named Zadelrazz. Hundreds of years ago, he had chopped down the tree to use in spellcraft. The party smashed the stone golems that they found defending his tomb and presented the seeds that he had stored within. Almost against hope, they were sufficient to avert Neivana’s interest in the hilltop, and his wandering path turned elsewhere.

Morning - The Reliquary of Baird of Korin with Dungeon Master Matt

The noble adventurers of the Guild of Heroes set out to the town of Korin to resolve a dispute over an ancient reliquary, discovered in the town mine. They were immediately hindered by a series of traps and defenses set up as part of the civil war that had broken out within city limits, but bypassed a pit trap and portcullis to gain access to the war-torn Korin. Within, they met a few warring factions, explored the city, and determined that this reliquary could grant one wish to any who were “pure of heart”.

After a lengthy search for our heroes and a battle for the reliquary, aided many times by Draw’s thaumaturgy, the heroes were forced to defeat the town’s elder and took the reliquary back to the Guild for safe-keeping.

Afternoon - Bleurkh the Furious with Dungeon Master Camilla

“Pay tribute, or be attacked by our tamed giant!” This was the word going round from the village of Thokville. No one knew where they got it. The Guild of Heroes had no chance but to look closer. Six heroes stepped up to the task: Portia Rang, Cora Thorngage, Zara, Orryn, Sauron, and Ancestra Warriorheart. Very quickly they encountered a large path smashed through the forest, broken trees and bare footprints. This led them to Ibzig, the only goblin to have survived a night-time attack on their now-ruined encampment. The party saved his life with healing magic, gaining a companion in the process.

The footprints led onwards, growing in size as they approached the village of Thokville. The village sported new features: a huge building in its center and tall wooden walls, all made of snapped off tree trunks, some of them gargantuan in size. It didn’t take much to infiltrate, a sleep spell and a tasty bribe did the trick. Within the “temple” at the center of town was the apparent giant, a vastly oversized goblin! Her name was Bleurkh, and each time her “worshippers” bullied her into anger, she got bigger! Ibzig told her that she came from the same Goblin tribe, where she had been the target of incessant teasing and bullying. It wasn’t clear which would break first: the roof or her spirits.

Hoping to lay waste to the extortionist little town, the party joined in, repeating mean words that Ibzig told them. It didn’t take them long to realize how they were making Bleurkh feel, and they had a change of heart. They chose to stand up for her against bullying, including the efforts of a party of orc raiders that chose to attack at that coincidental moment! They scattered the attacking bandits with little difficulty, a cherry on top of their successful efforts to lift Bleurkh’s spirits. The heroes helped find the potion that would return her to a normal, diminutive size, and the day was saved.

Afternoon - Trouble at Feymead Brewery with Dungeon Master Matt

Our intrepid adventurers, Paelias, Akida, Thor, Silas, and Ancalagon, having heard of disappearances and rampaging monsters in the Sapwood Forest, promptly set forth to save the day. They followed a path of destruction to the Feymead Brewery, where they met a wood elf named Aselivan. He was a brewer who made and sold moonlight-infused birch beer to the faeries of the forest. It quickly became clear, however, that he was up to no good, and Akida snuck back onto the brewery grounds that night to disable the moon gem that Aselivan was using to fuel the process.

As the sun set and the moon rose, fae across the forest who had consumed the moon-drinks began to transform into otherworldly beasts and descend upon the brewery. Paelias and the others set upon some of the creatures to hold them off as Akida held off the now-monstrous Aselivan on his own - until, at last, the full party reached the estate and was able to destroy the moon-gem, freeing the forest from its curse.

What is the Guild of Heroes? When can I play?

The Guild of Heroes is a group of adventurers aged 10 to 15 who join us regularly for our ongoing campaign of the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop roleplaying game. They go on quests to defend their homeland (the Isles of Niln) and protect those who cannot protect themselves through their fantasy realm.

As the Guild faces new challenges at home on Niln, how will they manage the War of the Giants and the other arcane threats that plague the world? There's only one way to find out! Sign up now for next month's Guild of Heroes adventures now (or hop on the waitlist, once we fill up) for Saturday Morning, September 15th or Saturday Afternoon, September 15th. We hope to see you there!

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What's New at Labyrinth: 8/25/18

What's New at Labyrinth: 8/25/18
Hey guys! August inventory is behind us, which means that it's time for us to start ramping up for the holidays! These next couple of weeks are gonna be packed with new stuff! 

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal is a monumental game about a quest for earthly power and immortal glory. Players act as princes in late Mughal India, scrabbling and squabbling for power. To obtain it, you must bid for the favor of influential personages, who allow you to build incredible monuments, but you must also curry favor with the people by ensuring the plentiful supply of commodities. Only the most glorious will find victory!

Brain Connect
Brain Connect is a competitive sliding puzzle game where every round is something new. Players pick out one of 16 unique sliding puzzle boards, then race to complete the challenge card first. The winner gets a point, and then everyone passes their board to the left. Think fast and keep your brain in order to win!

Coggy is a logic puzzle perfect for those long rides by plane or car. Twist and turn the multi-color gears to match the challenge cards, or just use it as a fidget. Perfect for trips or itchy hands.

The Island of Doctor Lucky
The irrepressible Dr. Lucky has invited a wide cast of friends, family and acquaintances to his personal island for a reunion. Unbeknownst to him, each and every one of them has murder in their heart. But he isn't called Dr. Lucky for nothing, and the island has a lot of danger on its own. Exhaust the old man's luck and finally finish him off yourself to win,

Terraforming Mars: Prelude 
Prelude is the most recent expansion to 2016's smash hit, Terraforming Mars. Playable with all expansions and variants of the game, Prelude adds a new phase to the game, prior to the outbreak of full terraforming. The Prelude cards customize your game, allowing you to jumpstart your projects or supercharge your corporation. Also new are 5 new corporations and 7 new project cards. Find out what happened before terraforming began, and use it to help you win!

Science Academy: Lip Balm and Bath Bomb Lab
For sprouting scientist, these two new lab kits are an excellent way to experiment. These self-contained chemistry kits are educational and fun ways to explore science, while producing your own lip balm or bath bombs. 

Startups is a cardgame of stress and success in the heady world of startup companies. Players must compete and connive to grab the majority of shares! Master your hand and muscle out the competition to seize control.

Gnomes at Night
Gnomes at Night is a cooperative game of speed and smarts. Each player controls a magnetic gnome, stuck to its twin on the other face of the board. The gnomes must find their way through the maze to reach the treasure, but the mazes are different for each player, so while the blue gnome might be in a dead end, the red gnome could move them both through! Definitely worth a try. 

Don't Mess with Cthulu (Deluxe)
The social deduction game with a dark twist, Don't Mess with Cthulu, returns with a brand new Deluxe edition. With new Objects of Power and the dread Necronomicon, this new edition offers even more excitement and intrigue for 4-8 players. Foil Cthulu's return... or aid it, and bring an end to the age of man. 

Ribbon Ninja
The classic playground game of Ninja comes to labyrinth - with a twist! In Ribbon Ninja, each player has three colorful ribbons hanging from their wrist. Swipe all of someone's ribbons and they're out! Only the swiftest ninja will win.

Harlem Unbound
Harlem Unbound is a sourcebook for the Call of Cthulu RPG. Immerse your investigators in the sights and sounds of Harlem at the turn of the century: The birth of jazz and new art, a vibrant wash of people and emotions. But in this Harlem, darkness lurks. Bigotry and discrimination cover even darker, supernatural evils, as strange things lurk in the deep shadows of old New York. Travel into the heart of darkness, within the city that never sleeps.

Game of Thrones LCG: Intro Decks 
The Game of Thrones LCG has come out with something very exciting: 8 brand new intro decks! If you've wanted to start playing the LCG, but didn't know where to start, look no further. The decks cover all 7 Great Houses and the Night's Watch, giving a wide variety of playstyles to choose from. Come take a look!

Pantone is a game of deception and symbolism. Players take turns being the "artist", who secretly recieves a character card, and then must attempt to represent that character using swatches of pure color. Interpretation is the name of the game as people need to figure out what colors represent when it comes to characters. A fun, artsy game.

Fitz It
Fitz It is a new party game of categories. Each player will receive 3 cards with categories on them--anything from "red" to "smaller than a breadbox". Play as many of your cards as you want, but make sure you can name an object that fits all of them!

Swipe Shot
Swipe Shot is an energetic new dexterity game from Fat Brain. Players each strap an elastic cuff to their wrist, with a hanging wrecking ball suspended from the center of the strap. You have to fight for control and swing the ball to knock down your opponent's cones instead of your own.

New Lego
Finally, we've gotten in a bunch of new Lego. Easily the most exciting is the new Pirate Roller coaster! Come check them out!